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More King Kong than Kate Moss

Virginie Despentes’ King Kong Theory is about being rebellious towards a system of oppression without ever considering violence against it a step too far. If anything, it’s necessary.


King Carlin of the Island of Norm

The governance and overall well-being of the Island of Norm lies in the hands of its ruler, King Carlin. A just ruler, King Carlin is faced with a free speech dilemma when Covid-19 fake news threaten the wellbeing of Normies.



In the Southern Clime, Where the Summer's Prime

“It happens more often than you think.”


 Marie Geneviève van Goethem

You know the figure, but have you heard the name? Marie Geneviève van Goethem. A name lost in time.


 Scenes from the Means (of Production)

L.A. resonates in our imagination because of the number and type of movies it sends into the world. It also disappoints because of how similar most of those movies are. It is a familiar city in a way that many places in the States and elsewhere are not.


 Sex Education Is the Show We Need in the #MeToo Era

While the premise of a teenage sex educator may seem slightly outlandish, the driving force of the series is the way in which the characters learn to communicate about sex and relationships. What’s more, the person orchestrating this is a nurturing and emotionally intelligent teenage boy – a type of male character that is rare in mainstream media.


 Bob Dylan and the Paradoxical Tradition of Antiestablishment Art

At the beginning of the 60s, popular music was not considered to be a serious art form in America. Rock and roll of the 50s was popular on the airwaves and had a massive following among the teenagers but it was largely believed that only these teenagers had eardrums thick enough or souls insensitive enough to enjoy it.


 I Am the Villain of Black Mirror's Bandersnatch

We like stories. They get a hold of us and engage us like nothing else can. We are hooked on stories, stories that we can remember, stories we can tell, stories that we want to happen to us.

So. How do you want to proceed? Make your choice:


 BoJack Horseman: What Are You Doing Here?

Depression, addiction, self-loathing, fame, and a realistically-approached quest for happiness find their way into the main characters’ daily lives and develop as case studies in an attempt to present a larger picture of the multitudes that these topics manifest.


(what’s “Dead Slow”?) announcement coming soon…



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