We are looking for new and exciting pieces of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and essays. Please find below general guidelines for submissions, as well as information on each of the genres we accept. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

General Guidelines

  • Submit your writing via email to submissions(at)

  • The subject field should state the genre of the piece (poetry, short story, memoir, letter, critical essay, etc.).

  • Add your piece as an attachment (.docx, .doc, not .pdf).

  • The top of the document should include your name, email, and the title and genre of your piece.

  • The body of the email should include information (name, mini bio of no more than 60 words written in the third person, social media links according to preference) that we can feature on the website along with your work.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please let us know as soon as your submission is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept reprint submissions.

We require exclusive electronic rights to all accepted works for two months after publication on our website and non-exclusive rights (online and in print) indefinitely so that we may include them in possible future anthologies.

Pendora is a not-for-profit passion project, so, unfortunately, we are unable to pay contributors.

By submitting, you agree to these terms.


We are looking for works of fiction featuring strong and innovative voices. There are no limitations regarding subject matter, theme, or genre. We love fiction that touches us through its use of language, and tend to favour voice and form over plot and narrative.

Flash fiction pieces should be no more than 500 words, while short stories can be much longer (stories longer than 2000 words are encouraged, but please don’t step into novella territory).

Submission Period: Open


For the current submission period we want to try something new with poetry. As always, we welcome poetry of any length and style, be it free verse, sonnet or sestina. But we want to invite poets submitting to us to take inspiration from the following lines by Leonard Cohen (from his recently published “If I Took a Pill”):

“I’d write you a poem

that sounds like a letter”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your poem should start with “Dear X” and it definitely doesn’t encourage using pills. Feel free to interpret those lines as you wish. Your poem could be confessional, accusatory, apologetic, addressed to a fictional person or a real one.

Submission Period: 1 December - 31 January

Creative Non-Fiction

We are looking for narrative non-fiction, memoir pieces, letters, personal essays that grip and engage the reader on an intellectual or emotional level, or both. We are looking for personal essays with strong and diverse voices that offer new perspectives and explore issues related to identity, memory, society, interpersonal relationships, personal experiences.

Creative non-fiction pieces can be of any length, but a minimum of 1500 words is encouraged.


We are also looking for new and original writing for our Thoughts & Ideas section. Think pieces, essays, criticisms on literature, art, film, or anything else that you think might fit our ethos. If you are not sure whether your idea is suitable for Pendora, please send us an outline of 250 words and we will get back to you.

These pieces should aim to be over 2000 words.

Submission Period: Open