About pendora

Pendora is an online magazine promoting new ideas and brilliant writing. We focus on literature, film, and art, featuring reviews, essays, creative non-fiction, as well as original short fiction and poetry by new and upcoming writers.

We started in January 2016 as a small collective of writers and artists and have since grown to a platform for more creative people to showcase their work.

We love literature, and particularly books that have a strong sense of aesthetic; innovative fiction, autofiction, non-fiction with a focus on the Self; literature concerned with memory and personal experiences. 

We like films that put an emphasis on cinematography and express their themes through cinematic language (as opposed to more artificial means like exposition in dialogue). That said, we do love well-written and well-delivered dialogue. But we focus more on contemporary films that experiment and create their own distinctive look, and which we think might go on to become classics because of their visual excellence. 

At the moment it is a self-sustained passion project, but if you like the content posted on the magazine, you can support us by donating below! This way Pendora can grow and maybe even be able to pay its contributors someday.