Come go back to when the word was sweet, the hour was divine, and life was one long sip of palm wine.

Rip-roaring, randy rascals ruled the day, and sin savoring gals in tight skirts sparkled the night away.

Back when Oman first saw Makeba and she turned his head, bugged his eyes, opened his nose and crossed his step. Had him falling all the way down.

Come back and see Makeba push, shove and cast Oman asunder, adrift down the abyss. See her trip and grab and seize her plunging anchor.

Holding on to each other for dear life, breathing each other’s breath, drinking each other’s sweat.

Humping, bumping, fucking, sucking exploring every enticing crevice, every delicious inch.

Never to be cast asunder, bound by gravity and the momentum of the fall, as graceless as it is.

Comes now the worm out of the apple core, the asp from her den, temptation in warm wet skin, black curls, drowning pools of brown eyes and lean curves, eloquent hands, lips of mystery and desire, suction and destruction.

Androgynous Alma catches his eye, grabs his dick firmly, opens him to everything unknown and taboo, changes his orbit, alters his disposition, drowns him again and again. Baptized.

Makeba, a rage and a rampage, seeking revenge and retribution, solace and satisfaction, falls into Alma, slides into Alma, drinks her communion, dives into her brown pools to backstroke, float, glide. Christened.

Betrayed, cuckolded, Oman finds sated, delighted, drunk with satisfaction Makeba, finds her with his fist of anger and words that punch far harder. She is a surging fury at the unfairness of it all. She serves him straight razor straight up and bright red.

One last crushing, chocking, life taking effort evens the score leaving a weeping, Alma all in black at the funerals with decorum and delicate sighs, wet eyes seeking among the grieving an opportunity to go back to when the word was sweet, the hour was divine and life was one long sip of palm wine.

About the author:

Frederick K. Foote, Jr. was born in Sacramento, California and educated in Vienna, Virginia, and northern California. He started writing short stories and poetry in 2013. Frederick has published over a hundred stories and poems including literary, science fiction, fables, and horror genres. A collection of Frederick’s short stories, For the Sake of Soul, was published in October 2015 by Blue Nile Press. Another collection of short stories, Crossroads Encounters, was published in May 2016 by Choose the Sword Press.

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