He was yelling again, and her mind flashed back to when he was the cute boy in the shop and she had a crush on him. He should always have stayed the cute boy in the shop.

She told him it’s always been this way with her and food. He accused her of lying. He told her she loved food when they started dating, when he was still working at the bakery. She was a bit chubby back then and he thought it was cute.

He told her he didn’t sign up for the stick figure she was becoming. He said her eating disorder was spinning out of control.

What changed, he asked her.

She thought about it long and hard. She thought about it by herself and she thought about it in quiet with him sleeping next to her and she thought about it out loud with him awake next to her.

She went back to the bakery weeks later. Now that she was free, she talked to the new cute boy in the shop while she ordered pastries.