The past month or so we have received applications for new writers to join the Pendora team. After long consideration, the three new writers are here!


Himanshu Goel is a 20 year old engineering student in Punjab University, India.
He’s the founder and editor of literary collection. He is featured in, Flash fiction Press, Flash fiction magazine, a long story short, Beam Me Up! Podcast and Polychrome Ink and forthcoming in The Singularity and TEO magazine. You can usually find him at a McDonald or a football field.

Follow him on Twitter @himanshu7goel7


Anders Sebastian Wennesland is the inventor of the BazookaGoal, a manic reader and an aspiring author. He has had some creative writing experience in classrooms and on his own, ands published one short story in the Kingston Writing School Anthology.


Maliha Mannan is a nomad, currently drifting around the mountains of Denver, Colorado. When she is not busy devising ways to make money for various nomadic expenses, she can be found hanging around local coffee shops with a book, a sketchpad, some pencils and pens, and a camera.

Follow her on Twitter @usualhabitat


Along with the new writers, new content will be featured on Pendora, like author interviews and theoretical approaches to short story writing based on the New Yorker fiction podcast.

Are you as excited as we are?