Welcome to another instalment of “How can I even afford this many books and why do I never read them?” Of course the answer to the second question is: my reading will never be able to keep up with my bookbuying addiction habit. And receiving bookmail is always very exciting even if you know exactly what you’re getting, which is why I have a new policy: wait until all my orders have arrived and open them all at once, while filming it in time-lapse. 

The answer to the first question is that I have been buying most of my books second-hand this year. The new year started well, with a trip to Athens that cost me about 80 euros in books, and continued with a second-hand-English-bookstore-crawl in Amsterdam, and now the first half of the year is closing with looking for the best second-hand sellers on Amazon.


These are only a few of those but I got bit of everything in there. Scotland is proudly represented by James Robertson (whom I’ll meet this summer!), Ali Smith, McDonagh and McGrath, and Greece of course by Kazantzakis (very curious to see what’s it like to read him in translation). The very very best of minimalism is there with my second copy of “Cathedral”and of course the man himself, Hemingway. And then there’s Atonement, The Road, and The Hours, just because of the brilliant writing.

Question: What’s the best book to read on a plane? Let me know