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Bookmail is serious business. And it never was as serious as now. Over the next two months I have to read: 18 novels, 25 poems, 4 plays, 13 short stories, and 1 graphic novel. This is the first batch of orders. 

V for Vendetta

The amazing graphic novel by the prolific Alan Moore, and the basis of one of my favourite movies. Recently I have been in a dystopian/alternate future mood with books like Brave New World and A Clockwork Orange, so this is the best time to read this one. The goal here is to read it in one sitting on a lazy summer Sunday.

Selected Stories of Katherine Mansfield

I have never read anything by Mansfield so far, but I’m a very strict judge of short story writers, so if I don’t like the first story I read I don’t think I will read any more. This is a long way down the line of TBRs.

Goodbye to Berlin

Technically speaking, this will be my first truly modernist novel, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. Following this: Mrs. Dalloway, Portrait of an Artist, “The Waste Land” (again).

“Prudencia Hart”

One of the two plays by David Greig I have to read for my Scottish literature and Contemporary Writing courses. I know nothing about them because the surprise is better than the anticipation (I’m talking to you John Green!)

Poor Things

This book looks very weird, based on the very quick look I had. I don’t know if it’s one novel, a few stories or novellas, or a regular collection of short stories (don’t judge me)

Stay tuned, better books are coming soon!