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Firstly, I want to thank J.S. Strange for a review copy.

Winter Smith: London Burning is the first novel of the Winter Smith series. The main character, Winter, a teenage girl with a mysterious troubled past, lives in London with her parents, who, after becoming rich, enjoy the socialite lifestyle, throwing lavish parties. Winter is forced to make appearances which result in her gaining notoriety in the press.

The novel opens on the onset of one of these parties, which is unlike the other for Winter because she has invited a boy she met that day. While she is waiting for Connor to arrive, and simultaneously looking or a way to get out of the party, the house is suddenly attacked by zombies. As Winter finds Connor amidst the confusion and tries to protect from the zombies, their adventure begins. Along the way they meet more characters who are trying to get to safety. With a state of extreme panic in the background, the main characters learn what they are made of.

Winter Smith is everything you’d expect from a YA zombie novel, and then some. It doesn’t waste time with exposition or superfluous descriptions, but gets right to the action. It’s greatest asset is the fast pace and high stakes. The characters always have to be alert, and they never know what might be around the corner, or who can be trusted. The zombies are fast and strong, and some of the scariest in literature – and who doesn’t love zombies?!

It’s definitely recommended to zombie fans, but also general YA fans, as a variety of the usual YA themes such as growing up and sexuality are explored through the lens of a zombie apocalypse.

The books is available on Amazon Kindle and on paperback on April 18th.