Shush, do not fear. I shall speak to you again.

I have not been mad at you, and you know

I love you dearly.

Shush, do not cry. You shall open my mouth

and sing your beautiful song again.

You are my moon, my tide, my winds.


I have been foolish: I thought I saw you

there, dancing in the rays of sunshine

on the surface of the water.


I thought you were eluding me as playful light.

I know now, I had chained you

to the bottom of the lake.


I shall smother your crooked feathers,

take you in my hands, and walk to our creek.

You shall teach me to be sweet again.


Then the morning, which I have been sleeping through,

will return to be the blessing it has always been,

the miracle.


I shall learn not to live without you, my soul.