What we crave and need to see

Creeps, relentless loathing, fear

Chunks of survival and hunting skills

With icy spikes and gongs of suffering

And hypocrisy, oh hypocrisy needless to say

We’ll take what’s ours

And that is only all and all that is


Then noble bleeps sound from wherever

Must rise must act must overcome

Take off! see here, the world is anew


Now, when we condemn we must be


Sparing no man, woman, child

No hope left for means or position or class

Spreading regardless, regard pas,

Blindly, trusting our damage and damage be done


Now, when we prise we must be


Shining and blinding the fool and the wise

Warming and burning, steady schedule kept

Do not stop when they smile

Do not stop when they sweat


See here! they shoot into the air

This is made for life and death and by all means

In between let us seize this land without

Hands to point or mouths to debate

No no no let us shut up, sew ourselves, fasten it off

So that no man can say

We did wrong, we spilled blood

All but the bottle that runs through our veins

To protect

Only oneself is a murderer’s gain