Going strong with the classics. This time I read The Picture of Dorian Gray, as you know from my Currently Reading posts. Let’s jump right into the questions.


When I Discovered This Classic

I mean, who doesn’t know Oscar Wilde, right? I must’ve first read it while in high school, but in translation. I think a lot got lost in translation in the case of Dorian Gray, and this time it was a much more enjoyable experience, probably because my reading has matured as well. But I’ve always known about this book, as is the case with most classics.


Why I Chose to Read It

I have always meant to reread it, but the main reason here is for my 19th century literature class.


What Makes It A Classic

Oscar Wilde. The fact that it is in the canon of Victorian literature. It’s countless references in pop culture. The cultural and literary significance of the book as well as the title character.


What I Thought of This Classic

I loved it. It never got slow, it never got boring. The characters are compelling, and the plot goes by itself. I did not care that it was completely predictable. It’s a highly philosophical work, but in the comic style of Oscar Wilde.



Will It Stay A Classic

I definitely think so. It’s too human not to.


Who I’d Recommend It To

Anyone who has an interest in English literature, for one. And everyone who likes a book that makes you think a bit about your own self.