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Our Endless Numbered Days is a very good candidate for my best read of 2016, and definitely of the best books I have read in recent months. I can’t stop talking about it, and I talk about it to anyone I see.

This is the story of a child, an eight year old girl named Peggy, whose father is part of a group that thinks the world will end very soon. While her mother, a pianist, is on tour in Germany, he takes Peggy to run-down cabin in the middle of a European forest. Once there, Peggy learns that what she though would be week-long camping trip is in fact a permanent situation. Her father tells her that the world has ended, and that everyone she ever knew is now dead.

She stays in the cabin for nine years, all the while believing the lies of her father. She tells her story in retrospect, after returning home in London. Her tale is moving and terrifying at times.

The greatest strength of this novel lies in Fuller’s abilities as a wordsmith. Told from the point of view of young Peggy, the world around her, in her garden in London as well as in the forest, is a living, breathing creature that she explores and befriends. The descriptions paint a tangible picture for the reader, making the book not only a page-turner, but also a work of art capable of drawing in the reader in its world.

I cannot reccommend this book enough. If you want to know more about the book or about the author, I recently interviewed Claire Fuller. You can find the interview here.