After a book that I loved, classics #1, here comes a book that most people can guess I didn’t particularly enjoy. Damn you, Jane Austen!

When I Discovered This Classic

I found out about Pride and Prejudice so long ago that I don’t remember. It’s one of those general knowledge things you just know.

Why I Chose to Read It

No choice involved. I had to read it for my 19th Century Literature class.

What Makes It A Classic

The fact that I knew so much about this book without ever reading a single page. The cultural references. It is in the English canon, likely forever.

What I Thought of This Classic

I want to understand people who love this book. My main problems regard the construction of the story and the writing style. Jane Austen would have benefited from a few creative writing classes. I did not have any doubt about the course of events or the ending;  it all went as predicted. I am prepared to admit that that is my own fault because the book’s plot has been emulated, in one way or another, countless times over the decades. In which case, I just think it hasn’t aged well.

Will It Stay A Classic

I am inclined to say yes. It has been a classic for so long, it can’t get rid of the status. But maybe it will lose some prestige when read closely for what it is and not what it was.

Who I’d Recommend It To

Honestly, there too many good books out there. I wouldn’t want anyone missing out on those while reading Jane Austen.