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Bad news for the entire family: Lydia has run away with Wickham, and if he doesn’t marry her, the whole family should commit suicide, rather than live with the shame. Elizabeth is depressed, and tells Darcy what happened. She goes back home and finds out her father has gone to London to find Lydia, and is soon joined by Mrs. Bennet’s brother. After they look in all the hotels of London, Mr. Bennet comes back home, disgraced by Lydia’s unthinkable behavior. Two days later, Elizabeth’s uncle writs that he found Lydia and Wickham, and that he will marry her if they pay him a yearly amount. Bennet agrees. Mrs. Bennet is stoked about at least one daughter getting married.
After Lydia mentions that Darcy was at her wedding, a shocked Elizabeth asked her aunt about it. Turns out, t’was Darcy who found Lydia and Wickham and paid him to marry her. Elizabeth is shocked at how Darcy is not the devil, once again.

Wickham gets sent to the north, and Lydia leaves with him, but bingley’s back in town. He visits the Bennets, along with Darcy. Bingley spends a lot of time with Jane and plays the longest game in history before telling her he will ask permission from her father to marry her. She is very happy that he overcame his shyness, but in the meantime Elizabeth is sad because now that she wants Darcy to propose, he isn’t.

Some time later, Lady Catherine visits the Bennets, and tells Elizabeth that she has heard a rumor that Darcy is planning to marry her, which is of course unthinkable because she is so poor, adding that he is supposed to marry her daughter. Elizabeth is angry at her, and tells her that she can do whatever she wants because she’s the rebel of the novel. That Lady leaves, offended at such impertinence.

Darcy again visits her, along with Bingley. Elizabeth thanks him for saving Lydia, and he tells her that he only did that because she was her sister, implying he doesn’t actually care one way or another about Lydia, but if that’s what it takes to marry Lizzy….. Anyway, he tells her that the proposal still stands, Elizabeth tells him she changed her mind and they are happy to get married.

Elizabeth tells Jane, and Jane is shocked that she actually loves Darcy. Darcy goes to Mr. Bennet to ask for her hands, and Mr. Bennet is shocked that Elizabeth actually loves Darcy. Elizabeth tells her father what he did for Lydia, and he’s convinced.

Jane and Elizabeth get married to their soul mates, their mother is so happy she could die right then and there, and the last chapter is basically everyone literally living happily ever after.

I really was hoping to enjoy this book. Next up on my TBR: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Stay tuned!